Marion-Lea Jamieson is a printmaker, painter and sculptor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Currently creating art on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


I create artworks ranging from small prints & paintings for private collections to monumental sculptures for public display. I am currently focusing on printmaking.

Featured Work

Rocky Shore

Printing Inks on board, 18″ h x 24″ w

Arbutus Tree, Lund

Printing Inks on board, 24″ h x 18″ w


  • On Time
    In John Banville’s novel, Ghosts, the protagonist comes to live on a sparsely populated island and reflects on the slow pace of life there: “Time. Time on my hands. That is a strange phrase. From those first weeks on the island I recall especially the afternoons, slow, silent, oddly mysterious stretches of something that seemed […]
  • Life
    The following black and white prints were inspired by an excerpt from the novel, Elizabeth Finch by one of my favourite writers, Julian Barnes. Barnes also poses the meta question – “is art a depiction of reality, a concentration of it, a superior substitute for it, or just a beguiling irrelevance? ” This query gnaws […]
  • Backing into the Future
    Previous blogs have talked about writers who use painters has protagonists in order to illustrate their own struggles with writing. In his novel Orfeo, Richard Powers uses a musician and composer as protagonist to explore not just the role of writing but of the arts in general. The novel is a wealth of information about […]