Marion-Lea Jamieson is a printmaker, painter and sculptor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Currently creating art on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.



The following black and white prints were inspired by an excerpt from the novel, Elizabeth Finch by one of my favourite writers, Julian Barnes. Barnes also poses the meta question – “is art a depiction […]

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On Philosophy

On Philosophy Previous blogs have wrestled with the conflict between contemporary art and aesthetics and attempted to identify and understand the problems and philosophical efforts to resolve the quandary of aesthetics. Wikipedia defines aesthetics as: […]

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On Identity

This post continues the exploration of the philosophical currents that shape current art practices, in particular, painting. A previous post, More on Painting, touched on the issue of identity, discussed in terms of “self-differing” or […]

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Anti-Art Since the 1970’s, painting has been declared dead, defunct and irrelevant.  This blog explores the reasons for antipathy to art with a focus on distrust of and distaste for painting and in particular, for […]

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