Currently creating art on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

On Time

The series, On Time, introduced schematic images to challenge the linear concept of time or the assumption that we are constantly moving forward out of the past and into the future. They were a continuation and development of work produced in 2017-2018 and integrated techniques developed in earlier series.

products/ paintings/paintings 2019-2021/Being There
Being There, 2020 Marion-Lea Jamieson, oil on canvas, 48″ h x 36″ w, $140

I am interested in alternative explanations of time as more circular, or a phenomenon that is relative or even illusory. These explanations subvert the idea that art is progressing such that whatever is created today is superior to what went before. They challenge the idea of an Avant Garde that rejects the misapprehensions of the past, brings art boldly into the present day and charts its path into the future.

On Time was inspired by European Neolithic images from from 7000 – 3500 BC.  While many artists have been interested in so called “primitive” artwork of either contemporary or ancient cultures, a closer study reveals the sophistication and skill of these ancient artists and art forms. Their simplification of images produced an abstract, symbolic, conceptual art that relates to contemporary artists’ striving to express timeless ideas.