Marion-Lea Jamieson is an artist and sculptor from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Currently creating art on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


The Singer, Photoshopped study for sculpture in steel

Though I like to sculpt in concrete, wood and thermoplastics, for the last eight years, I have focused on fabricating works in steel.  My interest is in using steel to express momentum to explore melded human/animal figures as a motif.

The Singer. An illustrated diagram describing how a human like sculpture sitting on a plinth is constructed. Flat steel bands surround body to create volume and provide anchor for feathers. 25mm welded mild steel 244 cm h x100 cm w x 84 cm d either painted or with sealed rust patina. Feathers plasma cut and welded in a shingle style onto steel bands. Fingers and toes made from 2.5 cm steel rod. Limbs formed from steel tubing. Hands and feed from reactangle steel tubing, and plinth formed from 90cm and 20 cm steel pipes.

The Singer